Located in Tianjin, a port city, Tianjin Zhengyi Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to electronic manufacturing industry and supporting components of electronic products, including PCB design, PCB customization, component purchasing, SMT patch processing,  PCBA one-stop services and wire harness processing services. We are also an agent for the distribution of electronic components. We have the SMT production line and wiring harness workshop. Compared with out competitors, this gives us advantages in terms of cost, quality control and shorter delivery times.



Short delivery time

70+Countries and regions


Countries and regions

5000+Average daily shipment


Average daily shipment

Number of global customers


Number of global customers


We provide professional electronic manufacturing services, including PCB manufacturing, BOM accessories, PCB assembly and testing.

As an electronic manufacturing service provider, we manufacture a variety of circuit boards for customers around the world to meet a variety of needs. From sample prototypes to mass production, we can accept orders at different levels of quantity. 

We also provide some small services, such as processing, purchasing and design.


As a purchasing service provider, we help customers find and purchase a variety of products and materials from the market.

As a design service provider, we can help customers design electronic products according to their specifications. We can provide the following services, such as schematic design, PCB routing design, firmware design, FPGA logic design, etc.

We also provide a variety of value-added services, such as packaging materials manufacturing, document printing, labeling, product packaging.

Electronic manufacturing services

Electronic manufacturing services


BOM Kitting

PCB welding, wiring harness, mechanical assembly, chip programming

Electrical test/functional test

Processing services

Processing services



Laser cutting

Laser engraving

Injection molding

Acrylic making

Procurement services

Procurement services

· Discuss requirements and requirements with customers

· Establish basic or key requirements

· Look for the right product

· Send samples for evaluation and approval

· Generate quotations according to customer requirements

PCBA design

PCBA design

Schematic design

PCB layout design

Firmware design

FPGA logic design

Design consultation

Value-added services

Value-added services

Packaging material manufacturing
Document printing
Label printingProduct packaging

Wire processing

Wire processing

As the signal and power connection between the carrier equipment, we can provide you with all kinds of wire harness processing services。

Application fields of products

·Electrical industry

·Medical equipment

·Smart home industry

·Network communication industry

·Industrial equipment