Introduction to SMT surface mount process capability

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Conventional process Unconventional process note
SMT PCB specification (L*W) min L≥50mm L<50mm Including process edge
max L≤460mm L>460mm
W≤460mm W>400mm
ply(T) thinnest 0.5mm T<0.5mm
thickest 6.0mm T>4.5mm
SMT mount component specification Overall dimensions The minimum specifications 0201 01005 /
(0.6mm*0.3mm) (0.3mm*0.2mm) /
maximum size 150mm*125mm 150mm*125mm<SMD /
element thickness T≤25mm 6.5mm<T≤15mm /
QFP, SOP, SOJ, etc Minimum PIN spacing 0.4mm 0.3mm≤Pitch<0.4mm /
CSP,BGA Minimum ball spacing 0.5mm 0.3mm≤Pitch<0.5mm /